Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Belgium, 2014
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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Belgium, 2014

Band Recommendation: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is a rock band from San Francisco who formed in 1998. Defined simply, they’re rock and roll as pure and dirty as it gets. They’ve released seven brilliant albums that range in influence from blues, garage, psychedelia and shoegaze, and elements of everything from country to gospel.

Bassist Robert Levon Been has cited The Verve as one of his earliest musical loves. You can read about/see that here and here. Also, The Verve’s Peter Salisbury played drums for BRMC briefly in 2002, filling in on a European tour when the band’s original drummer, Nick Jago, could not get a working visa for the band’s British gigs. You can see Peter Salisbury playing drums for BRMC on this tour on YouTube, such as in this video of the band playing White Palms, Fail Safe and Stop. Peter Hayes speaks of Salisbury’s jaunt with BRMC here.

BRMC don’t have the lush, shoegazey soundscapes of McCabe, and they’re generally much harder hitting, but they can be heavy on the distortion and have the energy, chemistry and songwriting prowess that The Verve so often demonstrated. Robert Levon Been and guitarist Peter Hayes are a unique pairing in that they share the duty of frontman, making the band as dynamic as they are powerful. They’re also incredible to see live.

For more, go to blackrebelmotorcycleclub.com
Photos by and used with the permission of Yana Amur.
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Mike McCready of Pearl Jam with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Milton Keynes, 11th July 2014 by Yana Amur [x]

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